Mypafway's mission is to ensure the competitiveness of auto parts industry, so that consumers have choice of auto parts, recieve quality auto parts, at competitive prices. Utilizing our website will not only help the auto parts industry, but redraw the auto parts industry structure in a way that spurs enormous growth by allowing companies to promote auto part inventory that has never before been commercially viable. Mypafway enables companies to market their auto part content through P2P and our search engine applications. We plan on positioning Mypafway as the preferred brand for comparison shopping of auto parts and accessories online; by focusing company efforts on building brand value, satisfying customers with unparalleled service, convenience and responsiveness; through state of the art applications.


  • Cross sell and form strategic alliances with other companies
  • Shipping of Auto Parts
  • Streamline and automate auto part inventory


  • Reach a target audience missed by other media
  • Generate leads, drive traffic and revenue online
  • Leverage technology and lower operating costs
  • Eliminate the traditional practice of selling through an auto parts catalogue


  • Ability to find hard to find auto parts
  • Ability to obtain information on auto parts and pricing
  • Quick order taking