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We're an online store locater via Google Earth, specializing in comparative shopping for auto parts and accessories. Comparative shopping will rise to prominence because it embraces two of the most fundamental attributes. The first is ease of access to auto part information. Mypafway’s search engine enables consumers to compare prices and auto parts from an array of different products at one location. The second attribute is the commercial opportunity to match buyers with sellers.

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Comparison Shopping Engine

Mypafway's Comparison Shopping Engine is an application enabling consumers and businesses to search for automotive parts. The Comparison Shopping Engine is easy to navigate and fun to use. Its design theme looks fantastic. Consumers can select from a wide variety of car manufacturers and select which automotive parts they want to buy. Mypafway's Comparison Shopping Engine allows consumers to search for many different automotive parts from many different clients.

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  • Cross sell with Mypafway
    Cross Selling

    Reach a target audience missed by other media

  • Generate leads with Mypafway
    Lead Generation

    Generate leads, drive traffic and revenue online

  • Leverage technology with Mypafway
    Leveraging of Technology

    Leverage technology and lower operating costs

  • Streamline inventory with Mypafway
    Streamlining Inventory

    Eliminate the traditional practice of selling through an auto parts catalogue